20 February 2008

Another angel

Thanks to all for explaining HDT (hand dyed thread). The penny dropped as I got into bed last night!!! I'll have to get me some - one day soon.
I feel another angel like Sally's 'coming on'. I would like to do a smaller pocket sized one and also another like the first one but with an 'ordinary' bead inside!
While I'm nattering on about angels I must show you this.
Remember me playing with the split SCMR? Well Sherron Morgan and I are still discussing this as she 'got there' before me last year. I've managed to persuade her to do a !!! to submit to Palmetto tat days and she's also sent me the following angel that she did. She said that she'd only played with it and used thread that was on the shuttles to make it. Hmmm, I know the feeling, Sharren!!! I think this is going to make a lovely angel so showing you (with Sharren's permission, I might add!!) might 'force' her into writing it down!!! Hey, Sharren, get the hint?!?!?

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Tattycat said...

I hope she gets the hint. It is lovely!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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