23 February 2008

My tatting list!

The reason I've nothing to show at the moment is because I'm 'quite' busy!!! This is what I've been doing, or have left to do over the past week or two or three!!!
1. Test tatting for Martha Ess's new block tatting book or books. Done and dusted! Can't wait to see it in print.
2. Working on a very big pattern which has involved lots of 'parts'. Still a WIP!!
3. Test tatting for Hope Green (I think she's submitting it to Palmetto tat days). A smashing little butterfly which had me reviving my long lost (about 40 years ago!) knowledge of hair pin lace.
4. 25 large garlands for a friend. These are 10 rings and chains and each takes about 20 - 30 minutes each. Done and dusted and in the post this morning. That was urgent!
5. 100 large snowflakes (well, not that large - 5 rings and 5 chains) for the same friend. Still a WIP with only 10 completed.
6. Bracelet for a friend of my sister. Thread, letters, beads and bits sorted and ready to go. May take a break from snowflakes to do this today.
7. Playing with angels. Naughty of me but I needed to get the idea 'out'. Still a WIP as the pattern has to be tested again and drawings done!
8. Something else - not telling!!!!
9. Forgot - also test tatted another pattern for a friend who is going to submit it to Palmetto Tatters for their tat days. This is another little gem too. Done and dusted.
Still to come, I hope, is some test tatting for SueH. Everything else will be put to one side to do this when she sends it.
PS I forgot to say that I'm also doing Diane's TIAS too!!!!!


Pamela said...

Is that ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gina said...

Ditto! I'm feeling kinda nauseated from the dizziness....

:-) Gina

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Happy Beaks
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