24 February 2008

The list!

Well I forgot to add one more thing to the list yesterday - a couple of pendants.
When I was at the Lace Fair last November I met up with Lyn Morton. I couldn't take my eyes off a pendant she was wearing. I asked her what thread she had used and she told me it was some of her
Oren Bayan metallic thread. Of course that made a dent in the purse!!! Anyway the other day I realised I was running out of the colours I need for my large WIP so ordered some more from her at Tatting and Design. What did the dear lady do? Not only sent my threads very quickly but also gifted me a kit with the pattern, thread and beads for the little pendant. Now I HAVE to make those sooooooon. In fact, I might take 'time out' from my list this afternoon to make them!!! Well, you have to, don't you? I'll show them tomorrow if I get them done.
Back to the list. In spite of a relatively busy day yesterday I managed to get the bracelet done (see below). I also posted the 25 garlands which I'd completed as my friend wanted those urgently. I also got another 15 of the snowflakes done too and also 'timed' them - ten minutes each (with no interruptions). I can relax on those when I've got past the 60 mark!!!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What fun to get a surprise with your order! I love ordering from Lyn... she sends a lovely little note with each order that just makes me feel happy to be part of the tatting community! Your bracelet is on my have-to-do list. Every time I see a picture of one, I think... have-to-do!

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Happy Beaks
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