11 April 2008

How to put a bead ...........

This has probably been done before but it's something I thought might be worth 'blogging'. Hopefully I'll also get round to putting it on a web page too one day soon - along with the rest of the patchwork instructions!!!
I was making some more of these earrings yesterday and realised that if anybody was to look carefully at them they might wonder how I got the large bead between the very long picot and the inner chain. This is how I did it!!!
When I make a very long picot I put the beads onto the thread at the back of my hand and hold them in place with a safety pin - like this. I find this method gives me a long picot which is easier to make and fits the required amount of beads each time.
Anyway, with this earwig I decided I'd like a larger bead in between the part I was working on (chain) and this long picot. When I got to the middle part of the chain under the vlp I put a large bead onto the chain thread.
Figure 1 shows where I'm going to place the bead.
In figure 2 I've added a large bead to the thread again and this time I post the very long picot through the loop above that bead. See fig. 3.
Just get the thread lying between the centre beads of the vlp (see the arrow in fig. 4) and tighten and continue.


Tatskool said...

That's VERY neat, thanks for making it look so easy.

Jeannette said...

I just LOVE it! Thank you for sharing how it is done!

Marilee Rockley said...

Sheer genius!

Marty said...

This is just insanely clever. I have never seen beading done quite this way. I really like the safety pin part. I usually guess the size then add some beads -- hard to get the same amount doing it that way. :)

Jane Eborall said...

Actually, not genius - more an accident over this latest idea.
I usually stumble on these tricks (like the safety pin and beads on a vlp) when I'm being megga lazy!!!! That one came about a few years ago!!

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Happy Beaks
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