11 April 2008

I've gone off the rails!!

I've had some earrings admired several times lately by friends and have promised to make some for them. I've made these two pairs. One for a friend and t'other - well, either for me or to sell and because the first pair turned out so well!!
The thread I've used is Oren Bayan metallic which I bought from Lyn Morton at Tatting and Design.
The pattern is adapted from the
snowflake on my site - I have the notes on this if you want them. Please just drop me a line and I'll send you the file. I'm going to make another two pairs with other sparkly threads and then I promise I'll get back to the new idea and the patchwork!!
The new idea is smouldering in the brain as I walk in the afternoons. I usually find that walking gives me the time to plan and plot things!!!


Anonymous said...

Jane -

I would like to try out these earrings if you don't mind sharing your pattern. They look absolutely gorgeous....very goddy!

Thanks - Sunela

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Sunela
Could you write to me at lovetotat @ gmail.com and I'll send you the file. The original earrings are here

OmonSan said...

Hi Jane! How lovely they are! And the tread is so vibrant it makes me feel that I neeeed to have a pair! A good feeling indeed. OmonSan

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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