19 May 2008

Not the Tat It And See blog!!!

While everybody's having fun (I hope!) with the TIAS I'm playing too!! Remember the earrings? Well, there had to be a bracelet to match!!! Here it is.
I'm going to work one more to check the pattern out and then I hope to put the whole thing together. I just hope it hasn't been 'done before' as it's not too hard to make. Just found the matching earrings - in the stupid place I'd 'filed' them. (For filed - read lost!!!).


Anonymous said...

Jane, you are the "beaded lady"!
This set is beautiful. The bracelet is exquisite. I love the flower shape and the beading.
Katie V

Bonnie said...

I agree, Jane, the set is beautiful!

Anonymous said...


What a lovely set!! I love the beads with varied blue in it. What a marvelous idea!


Yorkie Sue's Tatting said...

Jane - Love both the earwigs and the bracelet duckie! And just your colour too!

You must have found a brain, even momentarily! Let me know where - I certainly need one today LOL

yer ol'mucker Sue

Unknown said...

Very pretty...I think you have a brain made of tatted lace, Jane, so stop looking for it (yes, I read the HBT's posts...LOL) that's the only way you come out with such an abundance of patterns all the time.

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