16 May 2008

Spot the mistake in the one and the design improvement in the other!

OK those earrings were pretty yesterday, I guess but I was still not satisfied with them completely. I thought about it during the day and in the evening set off on another 'adventure' with the thread and beads. This is what I finally settled on.
Now there is a reason that the single one hasn't got a partner. That's because there's a mistake in it. I was so cross with myself when I saw it as it'd been made right at the beginning. Bummer. After looking at it closely again I realised that here was an opportunity for a 'design improvement'.
Can anybody guess what the mistake was and what the improvement is? No prizes - just a humungous pat on the back!!!

I'll tell the answer tomorrow!


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, On the top picture, the one picot is missing 2 beads on the top right picot? There is 5 on the right and 7 on the left. The bottom picture has 7 beads both sides.

Lovely earring! Does this mean you will write up the pattern and show us how to add that bead on the bottom picot? Pretty Please!

Unknown said...

No guesses, just think they're pretty.

Needledreams said...

It's lovely!!! I think the "mistake" was on the top TOR. At the ones on the bottom there are 2 beads and then the TOR is joined. Love the colors! The thread has already a filament or you added it?

Jane Eborall said...

The mistake was 5 beads on one LBP at the top when there should've been 7 to match the other side!!!
The colours are a fine thread doubled and Madeira added as a filament! Wait til you see the next 'lot'!!!!
PS hopefully there'll be a bracelet to match too!

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