12 May 2008

Bad, bad day

Yesterday was a bad and frustrating day. I went to do some drawings on my computer and found that the previous few days were lost! I'd been saving them every time I exported a picture but they were gone. Three of us tried to find them but they appear to be lost forever. Ah, well.
Then my laptop played up.
Again 3 people had a 'go' at it and finally it started to behave.
I made these earwigs yesterday evening as a 'consolation' to myself. The ends need 'snipping' off when I get downstairs and the findings need adding, of course. They really didn't turn out as I wanted as I expected them to be larger. I used the Dual Duty Plus thread and a Madeira. It wasn't until I was settled down that I realised that this DDP is thinner than the other ones that I've been given!!!! They're still pretty but they don't fit what they're meant to fit!!! Still, I've had another and better idea so this evening might see progress!!!


Unknown said...

Well, they still look pretty. Glad your computer is finally working.

Marty said...

What ever they are or aren't meant for, they're still wonderful, and such pretty colors. My niece wants a pair from your pattern. She wants 'em for Christmas with a little jingle bell at the bottom.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Ooooh Marty is on to something...
These look like snowflakes and in this color combo would be a great addition to the Christmas patterns.

They are very lovely Jane...as is all your work!

Anonymous said...

Jane, I love the 'snowflake' earrings and if you make the pattern public, I sure would like to give them a try.
Thank you for the photos, Liz

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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