15 May 2008

Success which I will build on

At last a pair of earrings which I can and will wear!! I finished off the blue ones from the other day and then decided that blue had stopped the creative juices. (What nonsense I talk!).
I went through my stash and decided it had GOT to be green's turn next. Here are the completed earwigs. I've found a lovely easy way to put the bead in the centre and have it held by the two rings. I put it on the core thread of the ring but allowing it to hang below with a safety pin to hold it in place until I joined in later to a SR. This is probably not a new idea but it was 'new to me'!!!! Wonder if I should draw it down as a technique?
The thread I used is a sewing quilting thread (I'll look it up later and add to this blather) doubled and with a single strand of Madeira sparkly.
OK, later in the day and I've got the details of the thread. It's by Coats & Clark and is a 100% mercerised Egyptian cotton. It's called 'Star Machine Quilting and Craft' thread. The spool holds 1,200 yards which should keep me out of trouble for a while!!! Especially as I've got lots of bright colours too!!! I got it from a sewing machine shop in Blue Ash, Cincinnati but I believe it can be bought anywhere. Here's one outlet I found online and a few of the colours are at the top of the page.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! How I wish I could wear earrings!

Carol Lawecki said...

Success on the earrings Jane!! They are Beautiful!! If you do share the pattern, I know I will make many of these. You know my favorite pair of earrings is your snowflake earrings. I think you should draw up adding the bead technique. I have been looking at it and I'm not sure how you did this one. I do like how it looks.

Have a great day!!

Tattycat said...

I knew you would sort it out! The blue ones are pretty, the green ones are gorgeous! I'll be interested to learn this technique you used.

Jane Eborall said...

I will certainly share the pattern although I'm not sure it's really new. I'll also be doing what I hope will be an 'improvement' this evening. I also want to do a bracelet to match as the thread works out very firm!!! Then all I need is time to add into the equation!!!

TattingChic said...

Yay! I'm glad you figured it out and decided that all really wasn't lost. So many lovely possibilities with those earring, Jane, with color and beads. Thanks for giving us all more stuff to tat.

Marty said...

Whether the bead-adding technique is new or unique, please do draw it out. Your technique pages are something I generally print down to .pdf to have for my files. If I ever want to know how to do ANYTHING, I just check my Jane-pages. Thanks!

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