13 September 2008

A girl has to do what a girl HAS to do!!!

Now most people know I'm not married but live happily in a muddle with my dear partner.  This means that the threat of divorce doesn't hang over me - once bitten twice shy in both our cases.  BUT this doesn't mean that a relationship doesn't have 'those moments'!!!  So in order to avoid one of 'those moments' arriving I felt obliged to tidy up my tatting stuff yesterday!!!  It does tend to migrate somewhat!  I decided to put the books (well over 100) tidily on the shelf as I tend to take them out, look at them and put them back on top of the others!!  I came across the leaflets (about 50) that I've collected too and then decided to dispose of the duplicates.  As the title says - a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  So I spent yesterday afternoon listing them in ebay.  The reason I've got so many duplicates is because people tend to list them in clusters and sometimes there are leaflets in a 'cluster' that I want so the others become duplicates.  

I also got part two of TIAS 4 done and I know what it's going to be.  It's a miniature Eiffel tower (or Blackpool tower!!!).

I got the earring finished too and a rough draft of the pattern.  I'm not sure if folks will want to wear this idea as earwigs as they are rather large!!  I know I will but if not they could make them as zipper pulls, decorations for handbags, brooches - almost anything.  


Gina said...

They almost look like miniature hats too. If the perfect sized button fit in the middle of that ring...

:-)) Gina

NormaH said...

Love visiting your blog Jane as you always have something interesting to share.

Ladytats said...

Hi Jane,
I do like how this turned out, and I can see many ways to use it. including earings. Congratulations on cleaning up. That is something I should find time to do too. I tend to sprall all over.
remember how "smug" I sounded in my previous comment on your thoughts about losing parts of the TIAS? Well, got up this morning and wanted to tat part 2 and it wasn't in the bag! neither was the stitch holder, so had to wrack my brain and the little quiet cell in the corner wispered, "check the scanner" and for the stitch counter "check between the cushions" and what do you know. there they were. So.. back to lurking with a red face.

Jane Eborall said...

How funny. That's exactly what happens to me too - finding things in the scanner!!!! I've got my two parts of the TIAS4 safely downstairs. Least, I think that's where they are!!!!!

Tattycat said...

Ha, I've got both of you Jane and Ladytats. I left mine in the scanner on purpose!!! Love the earwigs Jane. I'd wear them! I sorta had to do the tidying up thing yesterday too. Yuck!

Iris Niebach said...

I love your big earrings and my italian friends want big earrings. I would like to make them,

Tatskool said...

I love the earrings too, very unusual.
My tatting 'mess' has taken over the whole house and needs to retreat again. There are just not enough available surfaces!

Unknown said...

They look like little wreaths. Do 'em up in christmas colors and they're christmas wreaths! Whoo Hoo!

Barbara Gordon said...

I think a zipper pull is a great idea and that makes me think of putting one on the the pull of my purse zipper('s). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the color combination. And enjoyed the progression of the idea that you developed for your 'ring, ring a lina'...by 9/15.
I'm just working back through the blog ~ LOL I had to choose anon as it would not let me sign in!!! LOL
X Bev

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