10 September 2008


First of all I managed to get round to listing the pink dolphin and a few more roly poly bags yesterday in my Etsy shop.  The orange with purple flowers bags are really bright!!   I was tempted to keep a set but will part with both - I think!!!!  As it rained again most of yesterday I did quite a bit of computer stuff and also managed to make a banner for my shop!!  That was a big step for me!!!

Below are my tatting achievements for yesterday.  The orange and pink was going to be earrings but after you've looked and laughed it will be cut up and recycled.  Talk about major boo boo!!!  IF only I could read my own patterns!!!!  I didn't count how many beads to put in the centre of the first ring on the SCMR so that put the whole pattern out!!!  Actually it would've been too big for an earwig anyway!!!  I used a no. 80 with a sewing thread but next time (IF there is one!!!) I'll use just the no. 80 as I know that'll work!!!!  As a consolation to myself I made a sequin motif.  This one uses two sorts of chains.  First the lock stitch chain using 1st half flipped second half unflipped and then the other chains are 1 double flipped followed by 1 double unflipped.  I'm quite pleased with this so may add it to the sequin page as another alternative.


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