24 September 2008

I've finished the pendant!

I've done it at last!!! In the end the simplest way to get round the stitch adjustment was to 'cheat'!!! Well, not really cheating as such. I just changed threads from a number 20 to a number 40 and tat did the trick!!!

Oh, another thing. We were out and about yesterday and went to a new bead shop I'd heard of. It was right out in the 'sticks' and at a craft centre. The centre has small outlets in old farm buildings so I wasn't that bothered about going there as many of these places are a dissapointment when you finally find them. Also I don't NEED anymore beads!!!

Well I thought I'd gone to bead heaven when I walked in the door. Did I buy any beads? What do you think?

The owner told me they're expanding threefold next year and are currently setting up a web site so I think it'll become a regular haunt - corse I won't need anymore beads, will I? I'll just go there to look, won't I?


Tattycat said...

The pendant is gorgeous! You did a great job, of course. I like the colors too. A new bead shop? What a find. I'm sure your money will be safe as you will only be looking at the pretty beads, not buying Yeah, right!

Carol Lawecki said...

Jane, The pendant is BEAUTIFUL!! Very nice job indeed. Your bead selection and colors as always are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I want one!!! Looking forward to seeing it in real life on Sunday.
little sister ... Sally

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