26 September 2008

Poor tatting day!

I have nothing to show. Totally and utterly nothing!!! That's not to say that I didn't tat yesterday but I think all the brain cells had returned to Martha!!

I'd decided to check out the medium sized earring that I made the other day. That is, do it again checking the text etc. First of all I need to learn to read my own stuff!! Next I need to follow what I've written!! In the original I'd done a hanging bead in the centre but decided that it would be easier for anybody working it to have it attached at the opposite side. What I'd neglected to tell myself was to change the bead order on the shuttle thread before starting and then the order things were worked!! Got that done eventually and on to the outer part.

I started off badly by missing a bead out at the first join to the inner section so had to undo lots. Then I put in too many ds's/beads all the way round. Actually this didn't matter and probably improved the design as I'd changed threads to a 40 rather than a 20. I will look again at it today. So, I got one done and I need to do the other today with (hopefully) a lot fewer hiccups!!!!

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Ridgewoman said...

Jane, If it is any consolation, I know how you feel. I have hardly tatted at all the past two days; life happened. But I am up to the LAST corner of the edging before I begin the return which attaches the edging to the hankie itself. (sigh) I'm feeling just overwhelmed as I want to finish the 3 UFO'S, and do the Secret Santa pkg, and other holiday ornaments. aghhhhhhh I may have bitten off more than I can chew. On top of that I managed to 'tweek' the granddaughter (artists are SO tempermental - LOL), received a jury summons (like I could serve on a jury. Do they have beds in jury boxes?, found out a duaghter is moving to Silver AND traveling to Paris (????). However, I did get the items taken to the yard sale set up for the Guild. Today I'm visitng blogs and finishing that last corner; but it's been a poor 2-day tatting experience and I've not been 'in touch' with anyone on top of that. Ah well. Life is grand!
X Bev

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