10 October 2008

Netting (and tatting) - part 2

Well I found the magazine with my netting article in it and the other with the filet and netting/tatting combined. Now, how clever is that!!! I spent yesterday knocking the garden into shape ready for the winter and realised late in the evening that I'd not got anything interesting to blog so went in search of the two things below. The Lady article has been damaged but this might just be the copy that belonged to my mum. I think there are two other copies stashed away somewhere.

The Lady magazine was printed in March 1973 when I was a Spring Chicken of thirty years old. I must've written it then in 1971 which would make me a sort of stay at home mum who worked any and every job from mopping up pub floors to supply teaching as and when I could (no easily available child care in those days) in order to help stock the family coffers!!!!

The other small booklet (below) was put together by Margaret Hamer and Kathleen Waller an ex chairman of the Ring of Tatters (and of course, a tatter!). Interestingly the proceeds of this wee booklet went to the Lace Guild.

Must mention here that Kathleen Waller also published two excellent small booklets like the one below on filet. A fascinating craft and not easy to do!!! Also Margaret wrote several small but excellent instruction booklets on bobbin lace (I was very grateful to be her 'guinea pig' and learnt bobbin lace by post while she was writing her first two books!)

In the following two pictures there is a hanging which I did in filet and a doily with a tatted centre and the outer in netting.


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Thanks for posting the two pieces you made. Very Nice! The doily is awesome with the netting and tatting. How neat that you had an article printed in the Lady magazine, you must have been thrilled when it was published. Did you have any tatting articles published back then too?

Jane Eborall said...

No, not that I can remember. Articles came when I was divorced and short of money!!!! I thought it would be a 'good little earner'. How wrong can you be?!?!?

Ninetta said...

The doily is beautiful, I think I've never seen a doily like that. I experimented the vice versa, that is easier for me, with tatting as an edging in little squared motifs, done when I started learning filet, pictures are in my blog.

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