17 October 2008

Not my best pictures!

I must warn you ahead that the pictures today are not the best I've ever taken. I can't seem to get the 3D ones quite right!! I'll try again tomorrow as my patience has gone home for the day!!

This is the dangly flower I was working on a couple of months ago. It actually looks a lot prettier in 'real life' than it does here. The small wooden 'vase' is one of three that I bought at a local craft fair and as you've now worked out - there will be two more flowers to make next!!!


Stephanie said...

I love your dangly little flower. A few more of them and a tatted leaf or two, voila!, a bouquet that never dies.

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful, Jane! I love it. I hope you share the pattern, soon. I would love to tat this!

Bonnie said...

Wow, Jane, what a beautiful flower!

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Happy Beaks
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