9 November 2008

Brain cell number 3 has returned!!

I'm a little bit excited!! Number 3 has turned up again!!!

Two weeks ago we had our bedroom decorated and have downsized a tad on furniture. This means that the 'mess' I used to keep on my bedside table had to be downsized too!!! The mess (or should that be muddle!) consisted of containers of earrings. Yup, I DO love my earrings!! I'm not very good at putting them away at night so they remain in a huddle on the surface of my bedside drawers whilst also spilling out of the containers!!
Something HAD to be done about this.

I've thought about the storage of earwigs for years and years but suddenly brain cell number 3 arrived back home and I had the idea of making a wall hanging to put them on. Below is my first and very rough trial.

Improvements I need to make.
1. Space the lines out vertically a tad.
2. Choose prettier fabric!! I think I need plain colours.
3. Make a 'curtain' to fall down over them to keep the enormous amounts of dust (which we also collect in this house) off them!!
4. Add some sort of stiffening to the top.
5. Add a hanging loop.
I'll get a better one done later today and probably make a travelling one too. I wonder if anybody else would like one? I can see making these becoming addictive - like making roly poly tat bags!!!

SUCH excitement to have number 3 back again.


Michelle R said...

Jane, I don't know about 'normal' people, but at last count I had 70 pairs - and have added a few more since then. This holder is great for dangly earrings, but I have a lot of post earrings as well - although those fit nicely in chocolate box liners in my drawer.

I think your idea about using a plain fabric is good - the earrings are so pretty they don't need a distracting fabric behind them.

One suggestion for enhancing your holder. If you make it so it rolls down from the top, with a tie of some kind at the bottom, it would be perfect for travelling - keeping all the earrings neat & tidy.

Jane Eborall said...

70 pairs? Wowweeee, I'm impressed!! # 3 was already thinking of a travelling rollup and now you've given him even more of an incentive to make one!!! Thanks.

Anke said...

that idea is great!
About 1990 I used to have lots of earrings (I was in my twentys then...) but now I don't were earrings very often. I had a pinboard then with a golden chain pinned in zigzag over it so I could place my earings in every hole.
But you are right - they had no protection from that awful dust!
Greetings from Germany,

Jane Eborall said...

But that makes you still VERY young. I only started wearing really, really silly earrings when I was 40 + + + !!!!! As for dust - we live our lives and become dust so why do we fight it?!?!?!?

donna said...

At first glance before I read the entry, I thought this was a jacket sleeve and I thought it was a great way to use little tatted motif-as a charm type edging on a sleeve. Then I read the entry-very clever! But I am inspired to look thru all my little tatted bits and see if I can come up with an edging for a sleeve.

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