12 November 2008

Now for dolphins and another visit from # 3

OK, so I've started adding the animals to the jacket. My artistic adviser (aka Nick) is SO good when it comes to telling me that things 'don't work'. Not the words he uses but I've sworn not to swear on my blog!!!!
The thing is, it's difficult to hold these critters in place with pins AND sew them on at the same time. So, brain cell # 3 was sent for. Thankfully he'd not gone back to 'brainland'!!!
It occurred to me (with the help of # 3) that it might be an idea to 'stick' the animals on first of all so I thought of 'wonder web' which you can see here.
The problem with wonder web (I actually think it's fabulous for most enterprises) is that you need to dampen the work.
When we were at Ikea last Spring we bought some curtains. These came with a some iron on hemming tape a lot like wonder web. The main difference is that you have to use it 'dry'. Great stuff. So I have 'started sticking' the animals onto the jacket using this tape. Next I can sew them on by hand using invisible thread and they won't fall off and the pins won't 'jab' into me. EUREKA!!!


Anonymous said...

Whenever 'blogger' doesn't like me; i arrive anon! so there! LOL
This was very timely as I've been gathering the tatted bits, and eyeing the denim bag. I thought of PVA (a bit, just to place) and then to tack down. But your idea seems less messy. I love the dolphis, as you know. Lots of stress around here ths week and I've had to retat some motif up to four times; making the same mistake twice and new mistakes twice. Some days picking up the shuttle isn't a good idea for me ~ not when I have "family" related stress because of the "Divas". LOL
XXXX Bev aka Ridgetatter

Tattycat said...

All of the animals are great Jane! I'm still not getting my notice of posts on your blog so I'll just have to start checking periodically. I can't wait to see this jacket!

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