23 December 2008

A birthday card

After a really bad night's sleep I'm not feeling too good today. Thank goodness it's a rare occurrence to wake in the night to a strange noise and then (when you've tracked it down to not being a break in in the house next door) find a man on your roof!!! What always surprises me in 'strange situations' is the way I react!!!

Having looked through the window and finding him there I knocked on the window to ask him what he was doing and how he'd got there!! He was obviously not trying to break in as he was making such a racket. My language was, shall I say, not very polite!! I rang the police and the guy disappeared after a further heated conversation through the window. We thought he'd fallen off the roof (our houses have high ceilings so you can imagine the drop!! Nick went to look in our yard to see while I went out the front and found his friends. The guy eventually got down (almost falling again) and ran off just before the police arrived. I didn't sleep after that incident which happened around four o'clock!!!

Anyway, here's a card I finished for my friend. I'm not very good at cards. I actually haven't got an 'eye' for them but I suppose I may improve!!!


ancolie said...

Hi Jane !

it's a lovely card, and I would like to receive such a tatted card !
but I'm not 60, I'm "only" 57 years old :-(
Have a nice day
and merry Christmas

Bonnie said...

I'm really sorry about your not feeling well due to lack of sleep, Jane, however I must admit I laughed because I thought it was going to be an Old St Nick came early story. Sorry. Very nice Birthday card.

Jane Eborall said...

Well I'm glad you laughed, Bonnie. I think I was so angry as the stupid man was in such a dangerous position. He's done considerable damage to our roof so I'm waiting now for the police to ring back with a 'crime number' so we can start an insurance claim. Hopefully it won't rain too much over the next week or two!!

Stephanie said...

That's scary, Jane! But, as I read I was thinking the same as Bonnie. Just what was the idiot doing up on your roof? Did he say? I'm glad you're OK!

Maureen said...

What a terrible thing to have happened - you should have turned the hose on him. I like the card very much, I had my 60th birthday on Saturday. It was wonderful, one of my sons flew home to surprise me!

Jane Eborall said...

The man was as 'drunk as a skunk'!! Mental note to myself. If I'm ever in a situation like that again don't use bad language or don't tell the police the bad language you used. It's embarrassing when you read it on your statement!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!

Thanks for the offer on help - I'll sure need it soon when things get more complicated. Reading the patters is still like learning a whole new language. But I got the first little flower made, so I guess the first luck is over and now comes the part to start working :).

Sad to read about the bad night - perhaps he thought himself to be a dwarf or something and wanted to try out the magic?

connie said...

Dear Jane
I'm so sorry to laugh but I can hear your voice telling this story and see your little proper self swearing at this idiot. And just how did this fool get up onto the roof anyway? Sleep well tonight and have a wonderful holiday. Great card!

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