26 December 2008

Jealousy in tat land

I'm just about to be the cause of a lot of jealousy in tat land. I apologise in advance for bragging but I'm allowed to and whatever I say here will never be enough of a thank you to Carol.

The following pictures show what I received from my Secret Santa who is Carol Amich. There were so many goodies in the box it's hard to tell you all that was in there. Beads of all sizes and shapes, sweets, chocolates and a gorgeous bag.

BUT the two things which stood out most are the two Santa figures. I have seen them online but that NEVER prepares you when you get to see the real thing. There's a jingle Santa and another sweet little one who stands all on his own. These two guys are so tiny. I think that's what struck me most when I found them in the box. Tiny in their entirety but when you go looking for the stitches - they're impossible to see!!! Micro tatting, I think it should be called.

I can tell you all that these two guys are NOT going to be put away with the Christmas things EVER. They're going to live permanently in tat corner. I will find some way of hiding them from the dust and grime in our house but they're NOT going to go into hibernation!!! The leprechaun that Pamela sent me last year is still sitting in the same place as when he arrived. On the mantelpiece!!! I never put treasures like these away.

Thank you SO much Carol. Your talent amazes me along with your generosity.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jane! I am so glad you liked everything! Thanks for the glowing compliments! I am sure little Santa will LOVE IT at your house!
Merry Christmas,

Jane Eborall said...

Liked everything? That's a major understatement. I LOVED everything. Just spotted your jingle reindeer. They are fabulous too. What a talent. Sweet Santa and Jingle Santa are both sitting here by me watching their new momma!!

Ridgewoman said...

Very cool indeed...I love the little Santas. I use to collect Santas, so have a bunch; but no tatted Santas. The snow is beginning to stick, at least on the trees. I do hope we get an inch or so ~ so I can feel all "Christmasy"....eluding me this year! I wore my Tree you gave me as my Christmas decoration! Thank you Jane...I shall get my new shuttles going soon (you are a peach).
X Bev

Anonymous said...

Ooohh, lucky you! Carol is so artistic. Both Santas are just wonderful. I've seen some of her work close up, so I know what you mean about the quality.

And.... are those Red Bird peppermints???? A North Carolina product. I grew up on that stuff and still love them.

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