23 January 2009

Another new book

Now this is strange, verrrryyyy strange. Two days ago I received Rosemarie Peel's new book in the post. So, what's strange about that? Last week I had the Houtz book and the place I met Gary 'in the flesh' was at Rosemarie's house!!! There's a piece of totally useless information for you!!!!

Anyway, seriously. Here are my thoughts on Rosemarie's book. It's called 'Tatting - Basic Patterns'. Inside there is a free copy of her Learn Tatting leaflet which is the best I've ever seen for learning to shuttle tat. With the leaflet and the book it would be very easy to learn to tat. Simple instructions and excellent visuals are very much aimed at somebody who wants to know 'what do I do next?'!!!

The patterns (there are 16) are simple at first and develop the new tatter from very basic 'just rings' to using rings and chains. One pattern which I hope to have the excuse to make is Edna - a horseshoe. Although only rings and chains this is an elegant pattern in it's pure simplicity. BUT it also has a the 'wow' factor - I'm thinking of adding beads to this one!! As I haven't got the excuse (no weddings to look forward to!) to make the horseshoe I decided to make the pattern called 'Rachel'. I also decided to use my favourite colours. I'm not really that enamoured of variagated threads but do love to 'mix and match' fine threads. In the piece below I've used a variagated number 80 (or thereabouts!!) alongside a plain machine quilting thread. I just LOVE these combos and the results you get. I've added Rachel below and suggest you click on the picture for a closer look.

To sum up - this book would be ideal for starters although (as you can see) there is a heck of a lot of inspiration in it for the 'old' tatters like me.


Tat-a-Renda said...

Rachel is beautiful. I have never thought about mixing two different colours like this. How do you manage the teo threads together?

I tried two strands of floss before but had some problem with then. I used shuttles and after some time I noticed a slack in one of the strands which made it difficult to continue tatting.

Gina said...

I like to combine two threads like that too. I often use the quilting thread with a metallic shiny one or a rayon one which also adds to the texture.

I like those interlocking motifs on the front of Rosemarie's book.

Needledreams said...

Love it!!! Girl how I envy you. Good envy I mean. :-) To have two new books and to met the writers... A dream come true! lol The book looks nice and I love the pattern you did. I may have to save my pocket money to get those 2 books.

Katherine said...

I bought Tatting for Pleasure after you recommended it, and I love it. I think it is a sweet touch adding in a free leaflet, I had one, too, with stars.
I like the look of Basic Patterns, and Rachel is really pretty. It will definately get to my shelf eventually...

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I love Rachel Janey, O Janey. The colors are very pretty?

Unknown said...

That looks like a beautiful book of patterns! Your Rachel is beaUtiful!!! Thanks for sharing the info! Two more books to add to my "add to already out of control stash" list, LOL! :)

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