21 January 2009


Or, Hot Off The Press from Tat Land!!!

I have recently been asked to take back on the duties of 'bookmark maker' for the Ring of Tatters. Whilst sorting out this task during the past few days and trying (against all the odds!) to organise myself, I found a picture of the finished bookmarks from the last time I was 'glue sniffing'!!! See below.

Since my return to the glue pot the design has been slightly changed so they'll not be quite like the ones shown below!! Once I've got a few done I'll scan them and show you. At the moment I've got as far as getting the card (69 - A4 sheets) printed up and have cut it up (using the guillotine). I am happy to report that I missed my fingers!!! I'm SO pleased as they are SUCH useful digits to have!!!

I have a problem, though!!! No motifs to stick on!!! I'm awaiting some from the 'gals' at the Ring. An email yesterday evening told me that they will be heading my way on Thursday.

The bookmarks are given away at shows where the Ring demonstrate and do help us to promote and gain more members to the Ring!!!


Needledreams said...

Those bookmarks are so pretty. I got one from Brenda (forgot her last name) when she taught at Palmetto. I used to do something like the bookmarks but with my business cards (presentation cards). I glued a small butterfly on a corner of the card, so people remember me easier. :-)

By the way... Can you send me your mailing add? I have a few dozen of butterflies that can use a good home.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love the bookmarks, Jane! I'd be happy to contribute some motifs... what size do they need to be?

Ridgewoman said...

I'd be happy to tat up some small critters..just let me know the size..you know where I am. LOL
Good for you, taking on the task again...

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