14 February 2009

Got me thinking!

At the moment I'm doing some tatting for a lady who is in a hurry to get the results. 10 small motifs in a strip using Venus 80 black thread. As many strips as I can make before March 2nd!! This got me thinking.

I asked her where she got the pattern from and she said from The Craft of Tatting by Bessie M
Attenborough. Now I've had this book forever so that got brain cell # 4 out of the cupboard. He was CONVINCED that the little motif I'm tatting for Nicole was the same one I used about 35 years ago when I was slim and less aged than I am now!!!! So, off I went to investigate.

WRONG!!! Not the same motif but I DO wish I could remember where I got this one from. The jacket I made using it is below. I used sewing thread which my ex husband brought home from work - along with two England
Aeros he'd found in a cupboard.

For a short time he worked at the Needle Factory in
Redditch where the Aero shuttles were made. The only time he was ever useful!!!

One of the very few times I ever wore this jacket was to a 'posh' dinner party at one of his work colleague's houses. I'd never met any of the other guests before so I put on my best clobber (that's another word for clothes) for the evening. Mind, must admit, I did wear a pair of rather outrageous earrings. They were real bath plugs on chains!! One guy there thought I was amazing having the courage to wear these!!! So funny. My sense of humour always used to get me into a lot of trouble. Still does, I guess.


Hillside Threads said...

Wow! That is absolutely stunning. Amazing work, and sewing thread !!!! can you remember how long it took to make? Not that I am planning on trying to create a similar garment :-)

Love the bit about the bath plugs, don't think I would have had the nerve to wear them (chuckle)

Gina said...

That is so gorgeous! And in Sewing Thread???? Truly simple elegance.

Elizabeth said...

That is so beautiful. I bet it took a long time to make.

Valerie said...

this is an amazing piece, jane! i'm too curious to know how long it took you to tat. but it's gorgeous. love your courage with those bath plugs... LOL

Jon Yusoff said...

Awesome vest. I am also interested to know how long it took you to tat it.
I am not planning to make anything that size myself. I am just wondering how long I can last with doing the same motifs over and over again

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Trying this again.

Love the vest Jane. I can't imagine the 'patience' it took to make it!

Nima said...


Jane Eborall said...

Hmm, the bath plugs? I can't stand pompous people and I knew they'd be like that. I also love to see people's reactions! I never mind making a fool of myself!
The vest? That took maybe a couple of years - on and off. I was teaching full time and raising a family. If I didn't tat in the evenings I'd fall asleep by half past eight so something done on 'autopilot' was a must. Mind, I still fell asleep with shuttle in hand. The easy way to do something like this is to 'aim' for a small mat. When you get there add a few more motifs and then just extend the challenge!! I'd work lots of 'middles' and then the 'outers' joining them up. Suddenly the piece would grow quickly when you did the 'outers'.

battatter said...

Awesome vest jane!!! Nuff said!

Unknown said...

That is absolutely gorgeous...the vest I mean...not the bath plug earrings, LOL!
Happy Valentine's Day to you, brave fashionista, that you are! ;)

Needledreams said...

It's so pretty and elegant! When I learned to tat was using #100. That's what I was using for my bobbin lace class and the only thread I had at the time. I'm thinking in making a shawl. Will take the advice of thinking small and aiming for a mat. :-)

Art by JoyMac said...

WOW this vest is really top drawer stuff ...soooo beautiful and I bet you looked a treat in it..thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

As lovely as you are...., Bet you were stunning in the vest....and..... under it?????

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