11 February 2009

Playing with buttons!

Before I forget - which I'm very good at!! I had a phone call from Lyn Morton yesterday afternoon. She rang to tell me that they (that's Tatting and Design) have now got supplies of the new GR8 book by Gary and Randy Houtz. Woweeeee.

I've managed to sort one size out with the buttons. The patterns will all be very simple BUT they're not easy to get right as you need something behind the button to 'anchor' it to the tatting. However, here's another on - the white with pink beads. I'm going to post the first two as well so that you can see the bit of progress I've made!!!


Unknown said...

Beautifully done, Jane!

Gina said...

Very creative! remember those button covers that were very popular at one time? These would be fun to put on those - change your "button jewelry" on a regular basis!

Nima said...

wow...very pretty

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

What a great find, all those MOP buttons. These button pins are great. I have a few more MOP buttons, I think I will make more of your pins. My Mom loved hers and I made myself two of them. I also made one for my Secret Santa partner.

Needledreams said...

I love them! I have a big bag of buttons waiting to be used? Are these kinda like the button brooch pattern in your site? I think I'll play with that one now. You got me into a button mood now. :-)

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