7 February 2009

It's in hospital!

The laptop has gone into hospital. Poor thing. We managed to get to the town where I'd bought it today. The snow had melted enough for us to feel it wasn't 'silly to travel'. In fact the roads were very clear, although soggy.

The guy in the shop examined the patient - I think they would call him a triage nurse in hospitals. There was that 'dread' when he tried to turn it on and we sat and hoped it wouldn't start up properly and make us look complete idiots. Bit like a false labour!! Anyway, it breathed a small sigh and did nothing. A tear rolled sadly down my face as it was 'booked in' and taken away on a gurney. Such a sad time. No visiting hours were mentioned so it's probably going to be in the ITU department.

So, it's on it's way to hospital and will be home in about three weeks - if surgery is successful. Meantime I'm working on a very old laptop in the evenings. I have to stoke it with coal every so often as it keeps slowing down. It's got a thatched roof and is built of wattle and daub. Then it would be as I live in a historic area with lots of thatched roof houses!!!!!

All greeting and 'get well' cards should be sent to Hospital HP, Somewhere Town, Somewhere in the UK!!!!


Kathy Raker said...

So sorry your puter is in the shop. I enjoy reading your post, love your humor and of course your tatting.

Gina said...

Oh dear! For me! Whatever shall I do without my daily Jane fix???? Pictures and patterns and my daily drool???

You must have overworked the poor thing...all that pattern updating! It just couldn't take it anymore! Poor thing....

LOL! I feel like you must be slogging around on your computer about the same way I am with my foot. We'll be healed up at about the same time too.

Jane Eborall said...

Don'tcha worry yer pretty little head, Gina. There'll be something 'odd' on the blog each day!!! The old thatched roof one has now died but I don't think it's terminal. Nick's currently trying to fix it while I'm using his old laptop. Probably shouldn't be allowed near a computer for a while!! I think I'm putting a jinx on them!!!

Krystle said...

You must tell me what "Wattle and Daub" is.

I don't know if we have that in america :-)

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Krystle. Here's a link to explain wattle and daub!! Lots of old houses round here were built that way and then had a thatched roof on the top!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wattle_and_daub

Marty said...

Yup, Bonkers. I loved that bit about your old coal-stoked laptop being wattle and daub with a thatched roof. I had to read it to my sister and we had a good laugh. Sorry your other computer is in hospital -- I hope there is a successful outcome.

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