5 February 2009

Two 'deaths' in a day!

This is sort of tatting related!!

First 'incident' was at the library when I handed over my ticket to check out three books. The lady said 'you've expired'.

Well, I said, I feel alright, nobody told me I was dead and I haven't been ill for a long time. Poor lass didn't understand at first!! I knew that she meant my ticket was out of date. They now have to be renewed every year.

The next 'death' in the family is my laptop! My link to the world in the late afternoons/evenings and the place where most of the designing is done. I write things down 'as I go' in a Word document. For two days it's been 'problematic' starting up so yesterday I started it while eating lunch. It was fine - although it did need two attempts. When I got downstairs to use it at four o'clock it had died!!! So, a mad panic to find the receipt because I couldn't remember exactly when I'd bought it. Ah, November 2007. Thankfully the shop I got it from does a two year extended warantee so we decided to take it back there this morning.

BUMMER. There's four inches of snow on the ground!!! Mind, it may well be gone by mid morning.

Meantime I will try and work on a very old laptop which is SOOOO slow it's like riding a tortoise!!


TatForFun said...

It's quite strange that our ancestor can survive without laptop, internet, and cellphone...hahaha...It's the most important thing for human being...other than air and water ^_^
Good luck with your laptop

Ridgewoman said...

Ah Jane! Like slogging through syrup. I hope the laptop expriring does not become more problematic. Bummer! I'ts "bonkers' because I'm certain YOU have not expired ~ in spite of the the Library had in its files. LOL
Hangeth thou in there....
XX Bev

Valerie said...

gosh, the librarian must have worked very long hours and therefore her brain didn't 'work'. and oh i really hate it when my computer decided to take a 'vacation'. LOL

what would we do without your humour?!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, novice. I find it very sad that a 65 year old thinks the world's come to an almost end when her laptop dies!!!! Sad old woman that I am!!!
BJ & Valerie - the expiry of the laptop isn't the end of the world as it's still under warranty. In a way that's good and in another it's bad!! If it hadn't been under warranty I'd be looking for a new 'toy'!!!! The librarian obviously says that to everybody when their card is out of date. She's a lass who would never smile for me years ago but now has 'clocked on' to my rather wicked sense of humour!!

tattrldy said...

Well, at least neither 'death' was 'terminal'. Long live brain cell #3!

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about your loss! You have my deepest condolences. It must have been exceptionally bad news to bear hearing that you were dead! You handled it really well, I think I'd just die if someone informed me of that, LOL! ;)

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