17 July 2009

More news on Lyn's new thread and another motif

This is another experiment with Lyn's new thread!!! Just under 3 1/2" from point to point!

Lyn told me yesterday that they now have the thread listed here.

I was straight onto the phone to order more. I'm getting the gold and silver.

SO funny as I wrote and told Bev (BJ) that the thread was listed now and she ordered enough to tat another runner!!!!

That was a joke and a BIG hint to Bev to show us the finished runner. I'm sure she mentioned it was done ages ago!!! Well, a few weeks ago!!!

Me? I spent last evening playing with a new earring idea. Sort of based on others I've done but 3D and VERY beady and hopefully VERY dangly. I think this will be a 'multi choice' pattern and easy too. Oh, heck, I know what I'm talking about which is a small advantage!!!

They'll be dangly, long, short, or whatever the person wants/needs!!! Well, that's the plan anyway. Now, when my gold and silver threads arrive I'll be making them out of that too. Whoooppppeeeee!!


TattingChic said...

Thanks for the link, Jane! I'll take one in every color, LOL! I sure want to get their shuttle winder for when I do tat with post shuttles. I'm a straight-Aero girl myself, but once in a while I'll tat with a pretty post shuttle if I want it to match my threads for a pretty photograph, LOL! I can only tolerate them for a small motif. I've yet to meet a pretty Aero, but I sure love to use 'em!

That motif you've made is quite pretty!

Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Why, oh, why are you tempting me to buy new thread? I can't keep up with what I've got!

Miranda said...

I will not even look at that link, for exactly the same reason that an alcoholic must stay out of a liquor store. Interestingly, though, I recently made that motif as part of my exploration of SSSR's. It worked quite niftily.

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