15 August 2009

Another old piece

Again found at the bottom of the suitcase I told you about a few weeks/months ago.

This must have been made about thirty years ago. It may even have been longer as I can't remember why I did it.

I know it was revolutionary in it's time but not many people have ever seen it!!!
I used beads in this piece and everything appears to be in 'node stitch' or Victorian sets.

I may have made this as a result of a book I was studying.
I'm not sure if this was somebody else's design or my own. If it was my own it would've been one of the first.

As I had nobody to share with in those days this picture has been lurking around several houses and the suitcase ever since!!
I may take the frame apart as it looks filthy on the under side of the glass!!!

Would that count as housework? If so then I won't break the rule of a lifetime and do that!!!


Tatfully Yours said...

In my books this does count as housework!!! Very pretty piece. I'm going to have to start looking though some of my pieces to take to the Fringe weekend in September for show and tell.
Have a great day!!

Fox said...

That is great that you have things you made so long ago. I am the opposite of a pack rat - what ever that is called.

I've given everything away or unloaded it on some poor relative or friend who had no alternative but to accept a gift! Al that needlework..... I think it must be nice to see something of your old/young self in the way of your creative expresion. : ) Fox

Tudy said...

How neat to find it and be able to share it with all of us. I think it is very nice and should be cleaned up and left out to show. Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...

VERY pretty!!

Unknown said...

Oh, that is very cute. I like that. :)

IsDihara said...

Amazing and nostalgic. If that piece is roughly 30 years old then you made it around the same time I learned to tat. Now it is a tiny bit nostalgic for me too, LOL.

Thanks so much for sharing it. Oh, and de-schmutzing the frame counts as housework (according to my certified and notarized "Girl's Handbook.") :-)

Ridgewoman said...

EVERYTHING counts as house work. 30 years ago I didn't know what tatting was....had never heard of it; but, had this metal thing from my grandmother and wondered what it was used for..
a shuttle, of course....Sure glad I did learn, and get to know you and other fellow-minded tatters. Ain't life wunnnerful? bj XXXX

Tattycat said...

That is very pretty Jane. Isn't it fun to find things so long forgotten? Watch out for that housework!

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