19 August 2009

Child's necklace

While I was packing for our trip I found a little bracelet in my tatting cupboard.  You know the sort.  On stretchy thread stuff but with very pretty flowery and plain wooden beads.
Of course me being me I always think I can 'improve' on things so snipped the thread and made this necklace for a little girl.  
Now her brother wants  one too but with 'boy beads'.  He's provided a pirate bead as the central one but tomorrow the search starts for real 'boy beads'!!!  Goodness knows what they are but ...........


Maureen said...

You need to hie you to a surf shop, Jane - if there is such an establishment in your neck of the woods! They sell lots of boy beads, they seem to be mainly ivory-looking- plastic probably, with squiggles, and sone are shark's teeth.
Also metal beads - coils, etched, etc etc.

Gina said...

LOL! Boy beads are wooden or metal. Or bone. This one is sweet.

Fox said...

So cute! I should make one for "The Boss"!!
Fox : ))

Tell us about what you find for 'boy' besds. I am very curious!

TattingChic said...

This is very cute!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Hello Jane,
I have not commented before, but that sweet little necklace really "speaks" to me. (I'm only in trouble if things speak to me without " ", right?) It is ADORABLE! I have three girls, one of whom is VERY girlie. I KNOW she would LOVE a necklace like that!

Boy beads? How about those shells they string on boy "necklaces." (apparently I like quotations today)

Tatman said...

My "boy" beads I use to make me necklace/bracelets are either bone or wood. Right now I have a package of hemp bugle beads waiting to be made into a choker that I will soon wear. :) I like the fact that I can figure out how to make tatting that *I* can wear. Tatting doesn't have to be frilly! hehe


erin said...

Janie-loo! I have some basketball beads! Or those little letter beads could be boy-beads, too. Especially if you spell out words like, "snail" or "bug". Heehee!

Pam Freck said...

This is soooo cute. Will have to make one for Little Miss Emma with butterflies and beads!

Tatskool said...

It's great that he wants one too. It is lovely, glad she likes it.

Jenni said...

I am going to have to find some girly beads and make one of those for my daughter for Christmas!

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