4 August 2009

Good find

Next to our local tip there's a shop. This is run by a hospice and it's where you can take things that you no longer need but are too good to throw in the skips.
I regularly go past the entrance to the tip so pop in to see what's there.

Occasionally there are beads. Necklaces and bracelets. I buy these if I like them and then cut them up to use in my tatting. The lanyard was made using bracelets found there.

One day I found a sweet little necklace and my friend said that the beads are actually cornelian stones.

They were quite pretty as they were and I nearly left the necklace to wear as bought. Then I decided to cut it and see what the dear little beads would look like in split rings. I'm very pleased with the results.


Valerie said...

gorgeous. it's so cool to find something 'precious' in a dump. you've found good use for these beads, jane. bravo!

Teresa said...

That's LOVELY!

Krystle said...

So help me translate. If I wanted to go to the local "tip", where might I be headed?

Sorry. I speak americanese.

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, Krystle. Nothing wrong with 'Americanese'!!! The 'tip' is a recycling place. A lot is collected from the doorstep but some stuff you have to take there. Here's our local tip - http://www.stratford.gov.uk/community/community-187.cfm
The actual shop can be seen on this page
http://www.theshakespearehospice.org.uk/retail.aspx It's called Burton Farm. I also buy second hand books there too. I'm sure there are places like this in America. They're not quite the same as Goodwill but almost!!!

gina Butler said...

...thinking way back... to the 80's... strands of beads called "fossil beads" were the craze. We wore 3 - 5 strands twisted together. As the fad was dying, you could find these CHEAP! Got to find that box of fossil beads.... gb

battatter said...

pretty! and I like the 'new' look to your blog!

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