7 August 2009

Playing with earrings

Now this has been one of my all time favourite earwigs!!! Ah, that's the brown one below.
The number of times I've made this one and in so many colours and bead combos I'd not dare to count!!!

But there comes a time when an old git like me needs a more exciting pair!!!

The pink pairs below are my first 'real' attempt.

Well, I say 'real' because three or four others 'hit the bin' before these were made!!!

Actually these are the reason I found the new way of adding beads to a ring and a split ring - there's one of each in this pattern so that you can practice if  you choose to make this earwig.

The pattern is now on my web site here.  I've written it slightly differently so that it reminds you to add the larger beads BEFORE starting the ring or split ring.  

I did that for myself really as I kept forgetting!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

I think they are all very pretty, some of the beads are unusual - from the tip?!!!
You just need a few more ears and then you can wear them all!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Too true - I need more ears! Yes the bigger ones were from the tip!!! Well spotted!

EnlightenedByAngels said...

I love the brown and gray earrings! The others are pretty, but I have a huge thing for earthtones.

Fox said...

Fun pattern!

SY said...

Thank you for the pattern sweet lady! These are beautiful. A pair of earrings for every outfit! Now, if I just had a pair of shoes for every outfit!

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