7 November 2009

The penultimate 'bit'!

Nearly there now with the random tatting!!

I've also put the new Snowsettia (thanks Carol for the name suggestion) up on my site.  The direct link is here .

Let me tell you a little bit about this pattern.  First of all it's a four shuttle pattern with a lot of alligator joins.  The two colours interweave over and around each other.  It looks a little complicated but it really isn't.   There's one VERY small split chain (which you can avoid!!!) and the rest consists mainly of split rings.  I hope I've written it down clearly enough for most people to follow!!


Fox said...

Hi Jane,
I had to look up 'alligator join' and once again, you make it all so simple! Your explanations rock! As do your illustrations.

One day I shall have to figure out how to do the drawing number for writing a pattern. Right now, I am mystified! I suppose a program is essential...

I will leave the designing to you and concentrate on just performing the patterns! There is always something new to add to my burgeoning repertoire, especially as I attempt the many choices available out there in Tat-land.

Thank you for for such a wonderful presence in the realm! Fox : )

Unknown said...

I think "Snowsettia" is a perfect name!

Maureen said...

Thank you so much for this beautful pattern; I love it,but I will be avoiding the split chain....I've never managed to come to grips with those! Split rings are fun, so I'm sure I will enjoy trying this one.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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