7 December 2009

Reporting in!!!

Sorry I missed my blogging yesterday - put it down to a 'long lie in' in bed!!!  Saturday was great.  I got into the overflow car park just before it 'overflowed' itself.  I got there about half an hour after the fair opened.  YIKES.

The venue is lovely.  Modern, spacious etc.  All the usual UK suppliers were there with ample supplies and loadsa lovely threads and beads.

Now, for those who wanted to see what I bought - you're going to be dissapointed, I'm afraid.  I came home with - waaaaiiiit for it!!!!  Two balls of black number 80 thread (one for me and one for Sally), a number 40 in black for Sally, and a ball of Lizbeth variegated.  That's all, I'm afraid!!!!  I came home with so much 'stuff' from my trip to the USA that I really didn't need anything else!!!  

I saw my friends from the Ring of Tatters who had a splendid 'pitch' decorated with all their Christmas tatting.  BOY, were they busy.  I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting a lady who's sent me nearly (or more than) 1,000 motifs for the bookmarks over the years - that was a great experience.  

Most people who go to the event appear to be bobbin lacers but there was a terrific interest in tatting too.  I saw Jennifer, Jean, Lynne and Ruth (on the ROT pitch) sell loads of the DVD's which can also be found here.  HECK, you didn't expect to read a blog post without an advert for the ROT, did you?!?!?!?

Oh, I spotted Rosemarie Peel at one point when I was busy talking to somebody else but didn't bump into her to speak to - bummer.  I think Pam Palmer was there from what rumour said.  Again I didn't see her to speak to.  It was very busy there as usual!!!

Yesterday (most of the day) was spent chopping up the TIAS pattern into bits and starting in on the extra drawings and explanations.  Kept me quiet for hours!!!


Anne said...

Where was the venue Jane?

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Anne. It was in Solihull - not far from the NEC. A lovely place with plenty of room!!!!

Anne said...

Oh Jane ..... I might have travelled down had I known it was on!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Aunty Jane! It sounds like a fabulous event. Too bad there are no pictures. Hint..hint...okay, I didn't read the whole thing so if you explained about the no pictures thing I am sorry...also when it comes to tatting blogs it's all about the pictures for me, LOL! EYECANDY! ♥ ♥ ♥

Sally Kerson said...

Thanks so much for getting the cotton for me Jane, just right for the gold baubles!

TAT19540 said...

The fair sounds like it was a slice of heaven for lace makers. All the really nice sounding fairs for lacemakers in the States are alittle out of my driving range. You have more will power than me-I STILL would have bought alot more even if I had alot already.Lol.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself at the fair. Missed you not blogging the other day!!

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