11 December 2009

Yet again!

I saw Sally's post the other day with all her butterflies on and decided to try using my 'mixed up' beads too!!!

Here's just one butterfly worked with those.  Under that one is another using the Lizbeth Jellybean thread.

I really must settle down and do something new but time is racing by and I've a lot of other stuff going on at the moment which means I have to sort those out rather than the new TIAS!!!  When I get an hour or two I do settle down to that but finding the time is a real problem.

Anyway, enough wingeing from me - it ain't my style!!!  Can't stand hearing myself moan so I'm sure others can't either!!!


1 comment:

Ridgewoman said...

me like! Moan away; you probably have lots of company this time of year. We are hear for one another ~ I have broad shoulders. Meet me on the corner ~ LOL Just hiding out until I have to make an appearance.
I'm morphing from a butterfly to a caterpillar; how does THAT work?
I want to go hide ~ I want to jump on Jane's butterfly and fly away uBntil after Tuesday! Moaning along with you. P XXXXX

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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