5 January 2010

TIAS - Link to Day 1

OK, here you go!!!!!  I'm putting this link on both blogs just so that I 'catch' you all!!!!  

I will publish all comments and work in progress on the other TIAS blog which can be found HERE!!!

Here's the link you've been waiting for.  Happy tats to all!!!!


Beelizabeth said...

I think I just found a solution to my problem posted on the TIAS website about seeing the finished section before I have any chance to try it: if I don't open any other site until I have gotten the day's section and tried my hand at, it might work. Many site side bars have lists of the latest posts on other blogs that include pictures, so it's obvious what the day's section will look like. It's a total change in my routine but I'll try it.

Sally Kerson said...

Congratulations on the launch of your TIAS big sis! Looking forward to seeing the finished items, thats the best bit for me!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh! I'm too tired to tat! I will have to catch you next round! I was really looking forward to this, too!

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Happy Beaks
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