4 October 2010

Last of the season!

I only sew in the summer or warmer 'parts' of the year so roly poly bags only get made then!!!

Autumn is now here so I'm slowly finishing off odds and ends of sewing - BUT I couldn't resist trying out some of the fabric that Sandra sent.  Here are three bag sets made out of her fabric and which will get listed in Etsy over the next few days.

Having said that this is the end of the season's sewing I have one more project on the table at the moment but you're going to HAVE to wait for that for a few more warmer days.   Here are the three finished bag sets. 

Oh, hang on - I haven't taken the photos yet!!!!  I'll do that later.  Sorrrreeeeeyyyyy.
I do have one or two more exciting projects to show you over the next few days so don't go too far away, please!!!!


Miranda said...

You and your taunting. You do know how to keep us coming back for more.

Karrieann said...

...I think it is interesting to hear when some will sew at certain times of the year and such. I am opposite of you. I sew when it is crummy outside. It will be soon that I'd be beginning to sew..... after I de-clutter my poor "so-called" craft room!

Looking forward to see those pictures that you mentioned!


Margarets designer cards said...

Interesting how you sew only in the summer, I am sitting here waiting to see what else you have up your sleeve. Margaret

Ridgewoman said...

and you say I'm a tease! tch tch tch LOL xxxx p

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