11 February 2011

2 size 30 hearts

Before I start - just want to let you know that I'll be listing more pop a bobbin shuttles in the Etsy store over the weekend.  Not quite sure what time at the moment but I think they'll go live when I get up on Sunday morning!!!!  Some will have hooks and some will not!!!  Also I've added the aeroplane pattern to the pattern page - right at the bottom under odds and ends!!!!  I'm hoping a few more will come in to land over the weekend unless there's a volcano erupting somewhere or a baggage handlers strike!!!!

Well our flights are booked to the USA later this year so what to take with me for little pressies is the next 'problem'!!!! 

In the past I've taken dangles, bookmarks, brooches and other bits and bobs.  What will I make this year?  I made these two hearts the other day in a size 30 thread and thought I'd make them into dangles.  Problem is that they're a little too big for the rings I've got.  Then I thought of something else but it's a 'not got roundtoit' at the moment.

ANY suggestions for what to make would be VERY welcome.  Whatever it is they've got to be VERY pretty and also fairly fast to make.  I'll just have to give dear brain cell 3 a ring too!!!


Maureen said...

I think your button flowers would be the perfect wee giftie; you enjoy making them, they are one of your signature designs,and if I were in America, I would absolutely love to have one!

TAT19540 said...

Pendants and brooches work. They go with everything.
Anything you make with them will be appreciated.

Val said...

ooh jane, these wee hearts are lovely! how about turning them into pendants instead? would make fab gifts, esp for those who can't wear dangles ;)

God's Kid said...

Those hearts are so nice! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

The hearts are beautiful and they could be made into pendants, or if using thinner thread earrings. I am sure you will come up with lots of ideas what to take with you.

Isdihara said...

My first thought was lanyards...attach the around-your-neck part to the tops of the heart and a hook or clasp at the bottom point for the name tag (or whatever). Of course, I do not suggest you Tat the around-your-neck part. Goodness, that would be too time consuming.

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