10 February 2011

Using up odds and ends

I've got a few ezybobs emptied now  by doing the flowers and diddly things below.  Having spent a few days working on a new design (another critter) I craved colour and beads in my life.  So to kill two birds with one stone I decided to empty the ezybobs and play with colour!!!

Then decisions had to be made!!!!  What do I do with these?  So eventually (after a few hours of thought!) I decided to add them to my handbag.

This was a bag given to me for Christmas by one of my daughters.  I never have a bag that is 'just right' but this one is THE first ever JUST RIGHT handbag I've ever had.  It was a bit dull (for me, that is!) so I'm gradually brightening it up.  You can now see these 'diddly bits' on it!!!

It has room for everything in it - even my roly poly with my carry round tatting in it.  I'm so pleased with it that next time I need a new handbag I'll send her to buy it for me.


Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely bag Jane, you will know your own wherever you go. Lovely tatted flowers love the colours.

Valerie said...

wow, these flowers and diddly things sure brighten the bag LOADS! hmm, maybe i shd send u all my bits and ends... good idea, jane?

God's Kid said...

That is awesome!!! And the colors are fabulous!!! :)

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