5 April 2011

Progression on the diamonds

Here's the next 'part' of this mat.

I'm never quite sure about colours - this next combination seems to have 'killed' the original star which is here.  I'm not giving in, though.  I've had this happen to me in the past - many times.

After an hour or two 'choosing' the colours I think may work together I then change my mind constantly!!!  They look stunning on the balls/skeins together but when worked up look - well, dreadful!!!  

Now I'm sticking with this at the moment as the next threads I've got out may well pull these back into 'a good choice'!!! We'll see!!  Stick with me on this project and we'll see how many times you change your minds like I do!!!


Maureen said...

You're all on the same wave-length today - you and Fox and Marty - all discussing colour!
I like this piece, it has tonal variations, and I think this peach colour is providing the neutral interlude - it will be fun to see what comes next!

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

I can see what you mean, I am sure you will sort it out and look forward to seeing it when you have done some more or finished it.

Anonymous said...

As a stand-alone piece, I agree this color combo wouldn't work. However, I think maybe if you used one of those other colors from the center star as the outline for the next set along with a new color for the center, it may bring out the center again. Also, maybe avoid using a multi-color thread for awhile or even the rest of the piece??? That way it'll stand out since it'll be the only section that has varied colors.

Sorry, thinking out loud and got carried away for a moment. :-P Don't mind me.

God's Kid said...

Neat design! I love the star in the center!!! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Heee, heee, Journey I'm ahead of the 'game'!!! I've started another round and it's looking good. I took a colour out of the centre star and used that - well, I'll show you all another day!!!!

Miranda said...

Funny, I was thinking how the bright colors in the center stand out against the softer colors. I do agree that it doesn't look finished, but that's OK, because it isn't. I also agree that using one of the colors from the center in the next round is a necessity. I think it's going to look good in the end.

Sally Kerson said...

I've had a sneak preview and it looks great

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