29 April 2011


Were you really expecting a post about TATTING today?  I'll continue my ramblings tomorrow!!!

I'm not a follower of our Royal family and their antics but I do get 'sucked in' when it's a wedding!!!  I'm proud of my heritage and acknowledge what the Royal family do for our tourism industry.  I love the pageantry and doubt any other country could do it as well - there's a challenge!!!!

My kettle's full of water, the teabags are ready, the telly is tuned in so bring on the celebrations!!

Oh, I'll be working on diamonds too!!!!  Darn it - tatting had to creep into this post!!!!


Lelia said...

I just started a pot of coffee. It is really early here ... t.v. coverage started at 3am

Sally Kerson said...

Could not have been said better, looks like I need to switch on the telly then ! Tatting Rules okay!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jane,
Sitting on the floor in front of the television with my four year old grandson in my lap watching "the first kiss." Priceless moment for us all. A second kiss and a fly over. Wow!
I asked my grandson if he thought that all of those people would each get a piece of cake. He shook is head yes.

Maureen said...

I watched every minute of it! - wasn't it beautiful? My favourite part was watching the carriage ride afterwards - thinking about how many hours and hours of polishing and preparation must have gone into preparing all those magnificent horses.

Fox said...

And a Canadian pipes up as well... wonderful pageantry today! Loved it all!
Fox : )

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Happy Beaks
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