29 April 2011


Were you really expecting a post about TATTING today?  I'll continue my ramblings tomorrow!!!

I'm not a follower of our Royal family and their antics but I do get 'sucked in' when it's a wedding!!!  I'm proud of my heritage and acknowledge what the Royal family do for our tourism industry.  I love the pageantry and doubt any other country could do it as well - there's a challenge!!!!

My kettle's full of water, the teabags are ready, the telly is tuned in so bring on the celebrations!!

Oh, I'll be working on diamonds too!!!!  Darn it - tatting had to creep into this post!!!!


  1. I just started a pot of coffee. It is really early here ... t.v. coverage started at 3am

  2. Could not have been said better, looks like I need to switch on the telly then ! Tatting Rules okay!!!

  3. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Good Morning Jane,
    Sitting on the floor in front of the television with my four year old grandson in my lap watching "the first kiss." Priceless moment for us all. A second kiss and a fly over. Wow!
    I asked my grandson if he thought that all of those people would each get a piece of cake. He shook is head yes.

  4. I watched every minute of it! - wasn't it beautiful? My favourite part was watching the carriage ride afterwards - thinking about how many hours and hours of polishing and preparation must have gone into preparing all those magnificent horses.

  5. And a Canadian pipes up as well... wonderful pageantry today! Loved it all!
    Fox : )


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