26 April 2011

Abbi's blanket

First of all thanks to those who missed my blog post yesterday and who wrote to see if I was OK - I missed it too!!!!  I thought it was Sunday!!!  DUH!!!!!  Today's post brings back supposed 'normality' in my corner of tat land!!!

I have one little granddaughter aged 3 (and a bit) who loves pink.  Don't all little girls?  Oh, and OG's like me too!
My daughter spent hours cutting up her old baby clothes into small four inch squares.  She showed me them last year when we visited and she was about to put them altogether.  Well the other weekend we were visiting them and she mentioned she'd got a favour to ask me and brought them all out.  'Mum, could you put these together for me, please?' she said.  I didn't dare tell her how my fingers had itched  to do it last year so of course I said 'yes'!!!!

Here's the result!!  

If you look closely you'll see a heart and a butterfly on there too - tatted, of course.  When Abbi and Nathan visit they love to go home with a piece of tatting and I usually keep something for them.  They go into their 'treasure' boxes, I think but they do play with them which I think is GREAT.  Tatting should be played with!!


Maureen said...

That's beautiful! - a blanket full of pink memories for a 3-year old! I am going "pink shopping" next week, for my soon-to-be 3 year old granddaughter's birthday - the brief is to buy something she can WEAR and no more toys!! What nonsense, I told my daughter, her mother, a 3-year-old must have toys for her birthday, so I am jolly well going to buy both!
And maybe her twin brother would enjoy the most gorgeous miniature drum kit I saw in the toyshop.....well, it's not a TOY - and perhaps I will have made my point?

Riet said...

Jane I think you will become a little bit Dutch. You know overhere yesterday was Sunday.
I visited Nora (who also loves pink) was late at home and went directly in bed. Not normal for me but becomming old (at least my body) I can't do the things I did in former days.
I love the blanket.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful, I am shall they will treasure it for many years to come. what a lovely idea to re-cycle the baby clothes.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What a pretty blanket, and how nice that it holds memories! I'm in blanket mode also, but mine's not working up as quickly... probably because I'm weaving the squares on my Weavette loom!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

What a beautiful keepsake for Abbi!! I wished I would have thought of that when Katrina was little. She had so many pretty dresses. She did just ask me if I could make her a t-shirt blanket. She wants to cut the front of her favorite t-shirts from high school band (their show shirts) and have me make a blanket.

I missed not seeing a post from you yesterday also. People notice when you are not around and miss you!!! Have a great day!!

Miranda said...

You've got grandkids named Abbi and Nathan? I've got cousins (who are sister and brother) named Abby and Nathan! Only my cousin Abby is the one getting married this weekend.

Your Abbi will treasure her quilt forever. Even if she puts it away when she's older, there will come a time when she's older still that she gets it out again.

Fox said...

Abby must be the most popular name going. As you know The Boss is called Abby at times...

That blanket is super! What a great idea. I am going to pass it along to my daughter-in-law, and my daughter for Mini-Boss as well, as my sister is the family quilter. Maybe I can get a few of these beauties created... Thanks for the idea.
Fox : )

Valerie said...

That's a very sweet blankey! Ooh, I wish I'm Abbi. When your grandkids grow up, the tatted things will bring back fond memories. Such a wonderful way to share tatting.

God's Kid said...

Gorgeous! :)

Stephanie said...

Ooooh, is that pretty! What a cherished treasure that will be. Nice job,Jane!

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