12 May 2011

An excursion into the miniature world

This set of designs really are my own!!!  Ancient ones but mine!!!  All worked in 80 or finer thread for the 1/12th doll's house collectors and makers.

I got sucked into making miniatures when a friend had a gift shop in Henley Street right opposite Shakespeare's Birthplace.  She sold only locally made items from this outlet.  This was a venture which made me no money but kept me busy trying new things out!!!  

Tooty (this friend) also had an outlet at Anne Hathaway's Cottage where I would sit sometimes in the school holidays and demonstrate.  This gave me my first real opportunity to meet AMERICANS!!!  

Before this happened I regarded our 'across the pond' visitors to the town as loud and uninterested in much except doing the 'tourist trail'.  Sadly tour operators tend (probably not so much nowadays) to rush their 'captives' through all the properties and then back to their coaches and onwards.  It was while sitting there tatting away that I really came to appreciate our American visitors as they were SO interested in what I was doing.  It was a real eye opener for me as a YG (that's a young git!).


Margarets designer cards said...

They are beautiful, lovely pieces for a dolls house.

God's Kid said...

Wow! Those are great! :)

RandaGray said...

I'd love to see your town, but I couldn't do it with a tour guide!! I'm much too easy to disctract with random this & that's here & there... Isn't it funny how we make generalities about different places?? :)

Ridgewoman said...

I do believe that we across the pond tend to be, when we are walking about at different venues, a tad loud in our conversation. I know I am! I’m a person whose enthusiasm shows.

I, For one, I’m very glad you found the Yanks could be interested in things going on around them!
That way now that we are all OGs, we can be mates; even across an ocean.
xxxxx Colony Dweller (tee hee) P

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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