9 May 2011

Happy or sad?

That is the question!!!  Actually a mixture!

These are a few of my ezbobs.  They're naked and need clothing in thread!!!  Does this make me happy or sad?  I'm not sure to be honest.

The ones outside the bag are really the only naked ones as the others inside have never been 'dressed' in thread before.  Let me explain!

I store all my precious HDT and sample threads on these little gizmos and the newly naked ones are as a result of the ongoing diamond project.  That's the happy part of it as it's been amazing to have been given the opportunity by generous friends to use these.  

The sad part is simply that they are now naked - BUT it does give me a whopping BIG excuse (and hopefully with a healthy Paypal account) to order more.  I'm going to start a list over the next few weeks and will then order (mostly, I think) when I get to the USA.  That will save me on postal charges, I hope, as I'll have them delivered to Cincinnati!!!  Am I crafty, crazy or what?


Margarets designer cards said...

You are not crazy, it would save pounds on postage to have them delieved to you in the US, I dont blame you the cost of postage is beyond words.

Sally Kerson said...

So can I put an order in via you, big sister?!!!!

Fox said...

Great idea. I sometimes have things sent to my daughter in NYC, if I am going for a visit, for that very reason!
Fox : )

Miranda said...

I wouldn't wait till you get here to place your orders. Our postal system is usually reasonably quick, but as soon as you have a deadline when you need something by (like you're leaving the country, for example), that's invariably when something goes wrong. If I were you, I would start placing orders a week or so before your trip, and have them shipped to a tatter in Cincinnati who will agree to hold onto them for you. That way they will most likely be waiting for you when you arrive, but just in case there's a delay, there will still be time for them to get to you before you leave.

Jane Eborall said...

Now that's a good idea, Miranda. I'll do that!!! One year when I did order before we left for home the packet arrived just a few hours before we left for the airport for the long haul back!!!

Tatfully Yours said...

I find it very sad to see all those naked ezbobs!! You should have warned me about this sad blog entry!! I am going to make a tea to make myself feel better. It`s Ok I`ll be alright!

Jane Eborall said...

I'm SO, SO sorry Tatfully Yours (Kelly!). I will put a warning on in future when blogging anything that might cause you to be upset!!

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