29 June 2011

Dissecting the Ebay win!

OK, following up from my ebay win I'm going to show you slowly and surely what was in the packet. Now, where shall I start?
Let's start with the things I've already got and which I'll be 'letting go of' sometime later this year.  To good homes, only, I hope!!!

First of all will be La Frivolite - a book which I bought brand new many years ago.
Then there were two of these leaflets - Penelope 1338 and as you can see one is in better condition than the other so one will go into the bin or something!!!
Also in this category is a Penelope Book 4 with my all time favourite doily in - Snowflakes on page eleven!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Great finds Jane, I heard so much about the book La Froviolite, if and when you want it to go to a good home, this one is calling.
Have a good day

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

All three look intriguing to me... a publication in a foreign language, one for the bin (oh, no!), and the one with your all-time favorite doily... yes, I am intrigued!

Anonymous said...

Oh they all look lovely Jane!!! What a great ebay win! I love the doilies on the cover of the last booklet they look really pretty! Thanks so much for letting us view these :)

Valerie said...

lovely! tatting books and patterns, threads and shuttles are never enough... [hint hint]

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