27 June 2011

Do you know what?

Do you know what a favicon is?  Well I didn't until Saturday!!!
I think I told you that I woke up a week or two back to a 'new look' blogger which was a total shock to the aged mind!!!!  I do like it although I've found that if I 'schedule' a post and then go back to alter it later (which is something I do a lot) then the darn thing 'changes' and I occasionally hit the 'publish' button and find that the post has gone straight away.  Sorry to those who have suddenly found something and then it's disappeared.

Well t'other day I was reading help files and comments on blogger's own blog and spotted something about 'favicons'.  Well it was one of those mornings when I'd got nothing particularly planned (or, shall I be honest and admit I was avoiding the dreaded H word) so I settled down to play!!!  It wasn't that hard in the end - particularly if one READS the flipping words and doesn't 'skip to the next paragraph'!!!  That's me, though, butterfly brain.

So, I drew the image below and followed all the destructions (whooops, sorry, INstructions) and it worked.  Easy to add to the blog but a bit more 'problematic' when doing the web site.  

The favicon seems to appear in some browsers but not in others.  It should appear before the url. I was SO proud of myself even though when it was all done and dusted it really wasn't that hard!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Well done Jane

A.G. said...

That is cool! I see it in the address bar (:

I'll have to look into it... ^_^

Valerie said...

interesting, but i've not come across the idea until you tell. good on you finding this favicon thingy. will bear this in mind when i can sit down and play computer. :D

Anonymous said...

I had noticed your smiley guy (gal?)! Way to go, I love favicons :D At wordpress, it is just a simple option under general settings, called "Blog Picture/Icon" I wasn't able to set it up at blogger, must have been reading the wrong places.

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