7 June 2011

The Fandango strikes again!!!

Before I start the daily ramble - do visit Sarka's site which is here.

Now this is NOT - I repeat NOT my idea really.  Credit where credit is due - this really came from Valerie who 'discovered' it within the Fandango bookmark.

She actually did a blog post about it a few days ago but I don't think anybody was awake out there in 'tat land'!!!  Here it is.

I have written out the pattern and it's now on the pattern site.  Here's the link.

Can you just imagine this with beads on and with 1 large one in the middle?  I can see it being useful for so many things from making mats to pendants to dangles to ........


Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely neat little motif, Yes I can picture it with beads etc.
I will go and have a look at your link to the blog.

goudenregen said...

Thanks so much for the pattern, I will try the Fandango Bookmark first.

Gina said...

Actually, I did read her post and was intrigued by the thread but it's not something I can get readily. I like your two-color version.

Isdihara said...

A-HA! Mystery solved! (Valerie, are you reading this?)

I wasn't asleep when Valerie posted, but I thought it was from Jeff Hamilton's Sine design...except that it wasn't. I was stumped! Probably because I haven't yet tatted Fandango. Better get to that right away, eh?

Sally Kerson said...

Oh missed Val's blog been too accompanied with my visitors from her homeland. This looks great, must add beads though.
I am typing this on your computer Jane!

Val said...

Jane, it's your creation as I'd said, but the naughty me who picked only the corners... :p

I agree with Gina, your 2-coloured version is fabulous. I must try adding beads next.

Fox said...

Love the 2-coloured version. Beads would be even better! Always!
Fox ; ))

umintsuru said...

This is a beauty. Love the two colours and how it brings out the design. I saw it on Val's blog but did not recognise it was the Fandango. I love the bookmark pattern too.

God's Kid said...

Great design! I love it in those bright colors! :)

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