9 June 2011

More Pop-A-Bobbin Shuttles!!

My little sister was in town on Tuesday and she brought more of the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles with her.

I will be adding them to my Etsy shop on Sunday 12th June at 12.00 (midday) BST.  I have

2 Cherry (with hooks)
2 Walnut (with hooks)
4 Yew (with hooks)
1 Yew - without a hook
4 Cocobolo Rosewood (with hooks)
1 Cocobolo Rosewood - without a hook
4 Purple Heart (with hooks)
1 Purple Heart - without a hook
1 Ebony (with a hook)
Prices and pictures can be found here.

Here are two to tempt you!!!!!


  1. Oooh! I saw those on Sally's blog a couple of days ago. They looked so beautiful in the basket all together. I'd love the purple heart with hook, but there's only one! Will I be quick enough on Sunday to grab it before anyone else does?.... They always disappear so quickly!

  2. Hey, Frivole - there are four purple hearts with hooks. One without!!!!

  3. Dear Jane,

    I am drooling over the ebony shuttle and probably a rosewood one as well. I think noon there is 7 a.m. here on Sunday, but I'll be up at the computer hitting my "refresh" button!

    Best, Susie

  4. Oh, I love the apple and cherry ones I bought from you last time you had some.

    I might have to try to snare a walnut and rosewood this time...

    Although ebony sounds quite special...

  5. Oh, I apologise on behalf of my brother in law, Adrian, for giving you so many choices!!!!

  6. Well, the purple heart and Yew sound good too. I'll just have to set a reminder to make sure I'm around when they're listed.

  7. ...oooh how I wish
    ...hopefully someday
    ...those are beautiful
    ...oh cherry

  8. I've got to set an alarm too. I'm eyeing a purple heart (with hook)too. I was hoping for Olive wood; maybe next time.


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