9 June 2011

More Pop-A-Bobbin Shuttles!!

My little sister was in town on Tuesday and she brought more of the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles with her.

I will be adding them to my Etsy shop on Sunday 12th June at 12.00 (midday) BST.  I have

2 Cherry (with hooks)
2 Walnut (with hooks)
4 Yew (with hooks)
1 Yew - without a hook
4 Cocobolo Rosewood (with hooks)
1 Cocobolo Rosewood - without a hook
4 Purple Heart (with hooks)
1 Purple Heart - without a hook
1 Ebony (with a hook)
Prices and pictures can be found here.

Here are two to tempt you!!!!!


Frivole said...

Oooh! I saw those on Sally's blog a couple of days ago. They looked so beautiful in the basket all together. I'd love the purple heart with hook, but there's only one! Will I be quick enough on Sunday to grab it before anyone else does?.... They always disappear so quickly!

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, Frivole - there are four purple hearts with hooks. One without!!!!

Susie said...

Dear Jane,

I am drooling over the ebony shuttle and probably a rosewood one as well. I think noon there is 7 a.m. here on Sunday, but I'll be up at the computer hitting my "refresh" button!

Best, Susie

Adrian said...

Oh, I love the apple and cherry ones I bought from you last time you had some.

I might have to try to snare a walnut and rosewood this time...

Although ebony sounds quite special...

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, I apologise on behalf of my brother in law, Adrian, for giving you so many choices!!!!

Adrian said...

Well, the purple heart and Yew sound good too. I'll just have to set a reminder to make sure I'm around when they're listed.

Karrieann said...

...oooh how I wish
...hopefully someday
...those are beautiful
...oh cherry

Jeff Hamilton said...

I've got to set an alarm too. I'm eyeing a purple heart (with hook)too. I was hoping for Olive wood; maybe next time.

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