23 June 2011

Remember these?

Well they're DEAD.  They had a serious case of 'scissoritis' a few days ago.  
Why?  Well I just didn't like the way the lower SR didn't stay in line with the top ring.  It sort of swung to lie sorta sideways on.  So, it was death by scissors!!!!  BIG TIME.  The Swarovski crystals were put back in the crystal box and the findings were used again on these.  Here are the new pair.
All I did was add two very small beads below the joins to the very long beaded picots.  Simple solution to a worrying problem - I hope!!!!  


Margarets designer cards said...

I love your new pair and lovely to think you did not just throw away the old ones but simply re-cycled.

Gina said...

Yep, this one hangs much better. Good choice!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Jane!

I enjoyed this post and I'm completely amazed at your perfectionism and perseverance! You definitely improved on the original!

However, commenting on this post is the quickest way I know to ask if Blogger is having a problem or if it's my computer, as I can't see your 'next' post dated today (Friday, June 24) about the 'Fandango' pendant! Your thumbnail photo shows up on Gina's blogroll, and on Sally's blogroll, but clicking on your blog name just starts with this post as the latest one. When I click on the actual post title re the pendant, Blogger says the post doesn't exist! And I really, really want to see that pendant! Is it only my computer that isn't linking to it?

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Kathy. Your computer isn't at fault - it's me!!!! I've got a 'new look' blogger now and the only 'glitch' and problem with it is the setting the posting time ahead. If I don't remember each time I edit a post to re-set the timing they go out straight away which is what happened to the 'missing post'. You'll see it another day!!!!! If you email me privately I'll give you a sneaky preview!!!!!

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