11 August 2011


There was one big disappointment during the trip and that was not being able to meet up with my hostess with the mostess from South Carolina.  

DJ (short for Dear Joanie) emailed me JUST before we were due to go on the 'holiday in the holiday' to say they were a 'few miles away' and could we meet up.  Unfortunately due to lifeguard duties in the yard, me not picking up the message in time and the family taking a united decision to leave for the ocean a day early this turned out to be impossible to achieve.  I was very sad about this as Joanie is such a dear friend who has given me a bed to sleep in and sustained me throughout two Palmetto Tat Days.  Which reminds me - don't forget that Tat Days registration is now open here.  Well worth a visit for fun, tatting, great company etc.

I mentioned that Joanie said they were 'not far away' and I still can't get over the size of America or the fact that people drive such HUGE distances to visit each other.

When Gina came to see me she drove nearly 180 miles and this makes me feel quite strange.  I'm going to tell you about another meeting in a few days - one which was just as extraordinary.

Oh, this picture is for Gina!!!!  Why?  Well, Buster is one of the family dogs and he totally and utterly fell in love with Gina.


Margarets designer cards said...

I think I would fall in love with him too, I love this breed of dog and miss mine very much,
Shame you missed your friend.

Fox said...

I love that he loved Gina!

Waitng for the rest of the trip story with great interest...
Fox : )

Gina said...

Oooh, Thank you for the pic of Buster!

Speaking of driving the distance, I remember when I was in Ireland, my friend there couldn't believe we will drive 2-3 hours to a destination and back in the same day. I couldn't believe they drove that far and considered it a major journey and requiring an overnight stay. But then Ireland is about the size of Indiana so I think it's relevant to the size of your country and what you're used to. I'd rather stay overnight and have a leisurely trip but sometimes that isn't possible. It was when I visited you though.

Sorry you missed Joanie too.

Miranda said...

It has been said that the difference between the Americans and the British is that the British think 200 miles is a long distance, while Americans think 200 years is a long time.

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

We do drive quite distances for things here, I have one doctor who is 145 miles (290 miles round trip)to the East of us and I have another doctor I see every 5 months in the West who is 250 (500 miles round trip) miles away. We just make a day trip out of each time we go. Though the longer trip takes more planning round,we think nothing of going, these are just things we have to do. The doctors in the East is a 2 hour drive one way, the doctors to the West is a 4 hour drive one way.

Keep in mind though, some people in the states don't drive like this, they don't get out of their cities at all and don't drive anywhere, so driving like that is nuts to them, but to go on a road trip you can drive 8 hours for a visit for someone and it isn't a biggie :)

I am still excited for you that you had such a great visit here, vacationing is such fun :D

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