12 August 2011

So, it's finished!

Well, here it is finished.  Did you think it was finished two days ago?  Sorry, forgot to mention that I wasn't happy with it like it was.
Well, it's not really totally finished as it still has to be mounted on fabric.  I will add a doweling rod to the top so that I can hang it up on a wall somewhere in the house.  Of course, this depends if it ever DOES get 'mounted' as it will probably (knowing me!!!) just get 'filed' in a drawer somewhere.

Statistics on this are.

Each diamond took roughly 3/4 hour to make.  

There are 354 diamonds (222 form the actual stars of which there are 37)

There are 18 triangles in the final round.

Then, of course there's the border and all in all the whole thing measures from side to side 27" and just over 31" from point to point!!!!

Quite a lot of work but something I would tackle again - or even more!!!!!

Oh, in case you didn't know - the patterns are here and here!!!


IsDihara said...

Impressive to say the least!

Corina said...

wow, very impressive!

Margarets designer cards said...

Very impressive and lovely something to enjoy for years if and when you mount it on the wall. Its been a lot of work but you have done a beautiful job.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Having seen it in person, I can attest to its beauty! Pictures just can't do it justice! I think it's a fabulous way to show off and remember your favorite colors.

Gingini said...

Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed Jane. It is great. I know you are happy to be finished with it.

Posting under annonymous as my google just won't work.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Every now and then I'm rendered speechless!!

I remember how amazed I was, realizing how many diamonds it took just to form one star, then you kept making star after star, separated by more pink diamonds. I had no idea how large this was until seeing the photos of you working on it (and how special to us that you also worked on it here in the USA!)

Then I thought the green diamonds would be the finishing round, and looked great. But this morning I see the DOUBLE ROW of rings and chains, which exhausted me just to look at them! But they really DO form an excellent border and finished look to this AMAZING AND FABULOUS work of art, a very special heirloom to be treasured!

It's absolutely breathtaking! CONGRATULATIONS!

Crazy Mom! said...


Oh wow.

Jane, this is truly spectacular. I hope you can exhibit this sometime so others can see your skill and know what can be accomplished in tatting.

Wow. But I'm glad you did it, and not me. I'd have no hair now!

Diane said...

It is beautiful! I hope you will get it mounted and hung. Just like you, I have a tendency to make things and then they wind up in a drawer or tote somewhere!

Karrieann said...

I can't add to what others have already posted. I agree with everyone!!

Miranda said...

Amazing! Does it really need to be mounted on fabric? If you don't think you'll get to that, couldn't you just hang it as is? It would be such a shame for it to sit in a drawer when it should be on display.

Gina said...

Well, you DO have to mount it and fix it to hang as you WILL make it to Palmettos for the 10th anniversary and this would be the PERFECT thing to display. I remember the first time I met you that you were working on the first one like this and it was at Palmettos. I cringe to think of the time involved. I barely finished the trim for ONE pillowslip! It's beautiful. I'd love to see it mounted between acrylic (lighter than glass) sheets myself and hanging...it would be like a stained glass window.

Sally Kerson said...

Don't shut in a drawer Jane, hang it up now!!
Like Diane and Gina I have seen it for real and it really is a work of art.

God's Kid said...

Totally GORGEOUS!!! And inspiring! :)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

The pink border is the perfect finishing touch. But, no, no, NOT the drawer! That sounds like one of those places I have where things go in and never come out again! LOL

Jenni said...

Why not just frame it, Jane? If you had a frame custom-made and put it behind glass then you wouldn't have to stitch it to the backing at all and the glass would protect it from getting dirty or dusty, so you wouldn't ever have to wash it again either. It would look divine on a black velvet mat with a moderate or dark colored frame. Maybe red oak or, since I know you have it available for your shuttles, something exotic like purple heart!

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