22 September 2011

Doodles part 1

Some time ago I was in touch with Erin Hinton of Hinton's shuttles.  They're now making shuttles out of epoxy resin in which they embed tatting!!  

Isn't that just TOO clever?  Well I offered to do some doodles for these and here are some I'm working on.
Below you can see a squirrel, an acorn, a turtle, a butterfly, some elephants and giraffes, a tree, a mouse, a fish and a hummingbird.  I make them in pairs but they're such little stinkers to get on the scanner together or in pairs you'll just have to see them like this - in a muddle!!!  I'll get the rest done tomorrow and show you them then.

I'm waiting for a photo from Erin of a finished shuttle to show you.  When her husband has time to take one I'll post it too.


Margarets designer cards said...

Great set of Doodles.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

That's so cool to have your doodles encased in a shuttle. Will she be selling your actual doodles in an epoxy shuttle? I really like the giraffe. Is the giraffe on one side and the tree on the other side? I can't wait to see the shuttles.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, that's the intention, Carol. If you want her email address it's erinh12@wildblue.net
The giraffe is one side and the tree on the other - well, in theory!!!

God's Kid said...

Those should be some of the most fun shuttles to use! :)
Possibly even a great way to get some younger ones interested in tatting.

Gina said...

I really like the little squirrel!

Sharon D. said...

Love the doodles, would be a great way to empy shuttles,.

Sally Kerson said...

My favourite is the humming bird, but can't find the pattern on your site, or have I missed it?

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